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☆ Morgue PC + QUEST

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☆- Morgue PC + QUEST 

☆- Features:
- GoGo Loco
- accessories toggles

☆- For more avatars, visit my server here!

☆- This avatar requires basic unity knowledge.

☆- Fetty's TOS:
i do not do refunds.
do not try to refund this avatar or you will be blacklisted from my server.
do not share this package with anyone.
do not leak/trade/rip/share this package or make it public. 
do not upload to anyone else's account unless they have bought it as well
if buying for someone else, include their information instead of yours
do not reuse textures/assets unless purchased/boosted from the original

☆- Credits:
- base: E L I Z A
- ears + tail: м.#7777
- hair: Rommi#0307
- pigtails: kill#4515 
- belly button piercing: м.#7777 
- necklaces: † Buneye †#0444
- goggles: Cupkake
- belts: м.#7777
- socks: ccwuvschu#2000
- arm warmers: Boo
- leg warmers: 𝘝𝘌𝘕𝘋𝘌𝘛𝘛𝘈#9805
- panties: Torinyan 
- tanktop: vyrai.#9696
- skirt: syn#5547

☆- Upload Instructions

PC: Unity 2019.4.31 Project> SDK> Poiyomi> PC Package
QUEST: Unity 2019.4.31 ANDRIOD BUILD Project> SDK> QUEST Package

You will get the following files:
Light Pink Pointer - Customize > Edit HTML - Paste the code below after or before